A simple google search about ‘Content Marketing’ provides you tonnes of data and information on it. Though there are a lot of perspectives on Content marketing, there are converging points. To put in simple words, Content marketing is all about generating, promoting, and leveraging different forms and kinds of content to the advantage of businesses. Whether it is offline or online marketing, a simple advertising post or a simple poster could influence the market in a great way. There are many instances, where a small social media post from a small business house brought it into the limelight and garnered a good response. Such is the power of content.

Let’s look into what exactly makes Content marketing important for digital businesses

To start with, the content marketing institute in its annual survey found that many of the reputed business organisations like Microsoft, P&G, and so on have been using Content marketing strategies in a good way.
This trend shows that even the Multi-national corporations, which have been spread across different countries with multi-ethnic and culturally diverse nature, devise Content marketing strategies according to the audience. It implicitly refers, howsoever big the business organisation might be, it should pay heed to the interests of the target audience in marketing a product/service. So, marketers and businesses need to consider the significant elements of Content marketing, without which they can’t flourish in the competitive market.


We, Human beings, have evolved with many survival and demanding traits. Storytelling, powered by Imagined realities, is one such phenomenon in human evolution, which is unparalleled. Its relevance continued to this day although its form changed over the time. Marketers, especially, need to master this art of Storytelling. Because stories have the power to get your point across the audience. So, it is advised to include Storytelling in your Content marketing strategy.

Nature of the content

In the modern and digital age marketing, Content has to be catered to a wide range of audience, without which the intended results can’t be realised. Suppose, if you’re an online education service provider, then the tone and the quality of the content should be tailored to the students. The tonality of the content should be smooth and informative rather than assertive. But, if you’re a business service provider, the content should be framed in such a way that it should attract business leads. Pushing salesy content won’t work always and in the long run. So, it is advised to bear in mind the nature of content while framing Content marketing strategies.

Platform and Timing

Interacting and communicating with the audience via various media is what the modern marketing demands. With social media channels and blogs remaining as the most trusted marketing platforms, businesses need to analyze what kind of content has been working well. Also, the timing and relevance of the content matter a lot. To conclude, the content approach shouldn’t be one size fits all rather it should be tailor-made.

Why is Content marketing regarded as the darling of digital businesses ?

Cost Factor

You don’t need to have an earmarked Content marketing budget for an entire year. Unlike Search Engine Marketing, Content marketing doesn’t demand an organised budget. All it demands is a consistent content.


The kind of content you provide to the target audience determines your brand perception. A consistent, suggestive, and informative content would reward your brand with loads of loyalty.

Brand Awareness

Content takes the first seat in building your brand. A single tweet, which could leave a profound impact, would be enough to bring in more customers to your brand.

Return on Investment

Your brand would witness a good amount of turnover and profits if your Content marketing strategy is effective. The Return on Investment (RoI) would be considerably high through Content marketing.

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