Best Email marketing services are waiting to boost your business

A product or service, if not marketed properly, couldn’t reach the intended audience. To market a product/service in an effective way, marketers started exploring different methods and ways thereby improving the sales. They found Email marketing as one of the best marketing ways to reach the target audience. Many businesses started exploring and endorsing Email marketing for its advantages. Though few marketers consider email marketing as a conventional marketing practice, that has not been the case. Email marketing has been taking different shapes and evolved into what it is today. Over and above, it has been working well and proving successful even in the age of social media. Many studies and researches suggested the same.

  • 89% of marketers experienced a quantum in the lead generation by adopting best email marketing strategies
  • Around 85-90% of audience check their emails daily, which is a great chance for marketers to reach people via email.
  • 70% of customers prefer business & commercial communications through Email

Many reputed business organisations have realised the importance of email marketing long-back. Through Emailers, businesses could easily communicate newsletters and promotional emails to their customers and subscribers. Also, it is very authentic to communicate through emails rather than by calling over the phone. Not only reputed businesses but also small businesses have been successful in reaping the benefits of Email marketing. Want to join that club? We, High Speak, are here to extend our email marketing services to you through which you can develop an edge over the market competition. And, we would feel happy to serve businesses like you, who are willing to take their businesses to the next level.
We introduce you to a world of email marketing automation, where every email activity runs on your definitions. We will make it easy for you to perform a wide range of activities from scheduling to sending and tracking to measuring, through email marketing automation tools. We employ some of the best email marketing tools like Send in blue, Drip, and others. We have been using these tools and ran a good number of successful email marketing campaigns. And, we’re sure that we can tailor email marketing campaigns according to your business requirements. Avail our email marketing services and meet your business targets at a faster pace.

Benefits of Email marketing


Email marketing looks more professional than other means of communication. Receivers can simply opt out from services if they wish to.

Customer retention

Based on the subscriber’s interests, businesses can roll out communication about offers. This improves the customers’ trust and customer retention.

Targeted Marketing

Marketing could be targeted to a particular category of customers or audience

Easy to start

It is very easy to start Email marketing campaigns with the tools but knowing how to start and run campaigns matters a lot. No problem! We’re there.

Track and Analysis

The results of Email marketing could be easily tracked with the cutting-edge tools. Also, the results can be analysed with the help of actionable insights provided by the Tools themselves.

Low cost

Not only very easy to start with, but it (Email marketing) is also very cost-effective. The ROI would be very high in case of Email marketing.

Platforms we work with


Crafting email campaign






Subscribers Management


Conversion Optimization


Report and Analysis