If we go by the name, it implies that to manage the reputation and perception, which is held by the online audience.

Let’s delve into how all it started

Across the world, the Internet and communication technologies are growing by leaps and bounds. The Internet has reached the doorsteps of many people, who till then remained oblivion to the technology. To no surprise, people are reaping the benefits of the Internet in a great way. Businesses and marketers have been making use of this situation to the advantage of customers and of course themselves. When marketers started promoting their products/services online, people/audience have become increasingly engaged with business organisations through online media. More importantly, it gave people a channel to vent their feedback or opinion. A feedback from a customer could influence the shopping behaviour of other shopper/prospective customer. So, it has become like each and every opinion counts for the reputation. Social media gave voice to every individual, who can be an audience for businesses, it has become an upheaval task for the businesses to manage online reputation.
Amidst this situation came a concept “Online Reputation Management”. It involves various processes and techniques to manage the public perception of your brand and also how to resolve conflicts aroused in the Online channels. If you are a business organisation or an influential personality in the society, then we’re ready to manage your online reputation with our proven procedures and strategies.

We help you in…!

Effective online presence

Just remaining online won’t serve you with benefits. Constant interaction with audience could negate the negative perception of you among the audience.

Promised sales

As mentioned earlier, your sales would be directly proportional to the nature of your online reputation. A good online reputation could easily get translated into sales.

Customer loyalty

Customers’ trust is what businesses wait for. A single negative review has the potential to affect the reputation of a business organisation. But, such situations, if managed properly, would pay you with Customer loyalty.

Risk Management & Damage Control

Not every customer responds in a polite way. At times, there would be naysayers and rivals, who would we waiting to damage your reputation through foul language and scripted negative stories. So, it is essential to manage such situations like a pro. A good ORM strategy and process could avert such risks and damages.


Take stock of the situation


Analyse Gaps & Drawbacks


Come up with strategies


Implement strategies


Improving site usability


Measure the results