Such a rewarding statement from our renowned clients is the result of our relentless efforts as a PPC Marketing agency. Today, we stood as one of the top PPC marketing agencies because of many reasons. We attribute this to the confidence and trust showered on us by our clients, which is unparallel. And, of course, our PPC team’s agility, which is commendable. In our long journey of successful strides mixed with turbulent times, we gained everything positive out of our experiences. We’re proud that our best PPC services could free businesses from the clutches of competition and empower them to beat the competition.
If you’re a business organisation looking to explore and experience the advantages of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) through a trusted marketing partner, then you’re in the right place. We, High Speak, have every expected facet of a marketing agency. We help you understand A-Z of PPC

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC), also referred as Cost per Click (CPC), is a marketing model to drive targeted audience to a particular website or landing page from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Businesses need to pay only if a prospective customer or visitor clicks the Ad. Though this model is adopted by some of the Social media platforms, Search Engines like Google and Bing fare better with the PPC model. In fact, PPC Ad model has been one of the Cash cows of Google. From Ads alone, Google manages to earn around 80 billion dollars. It reflects the scale of PPC in the online market.

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Does PPC matter for your business?

A big Yes! In the age of the Internet, competition is not an element to get surprised by. It is a new normal. But, the way you deal with the competition matters a lot. If you are a Startup or a small business or established business, even after having a unique product/service, your brand requires a good marketing strategy. Without which, the brand or product couldn’t reach the target audience. So, in the initial stages, brand/product awareness is very much required for your business. By advertising through different kinds of PPC marketing Ads, your brand would get featured on the Top SERPs and there are chances that your brand would get a good attention over a short period of time. Above, your brand would be just a search away for your target audience. So, it is highly advised to adopt a PPC model, which could boost your business.

We, as a PPC management company, provide the following Top-notch PPC services to our clients.

Search Advertising

It is one kind of Ads formulated under the PPC model. When a user/visitor/target audience searches a product/service on the Search engine, then the relevant Ads would get featured to the other person. Search Engine Ads of this kind have been successful in driving leads for businesses. We have been witnessing many live examples of how our clients are outperforming their competitors through the kind of Search Advertising campaigns we’ve been running.

Display Advertising

Unlike Search Advertisings, this kind of Ads would give a chance for your business to effectively reach the target audience in multiple ways. Display Ads helps you target the right customers at the right time subjective to the interests of the audience. And, chances are very high to realise desired business results through Display Ads. We are one of the advertising agencies, who could design banner ads in a market-friendly way. Even we could craft Text display Ads in a beautiful and catchy way.

Remarketing Ads

Not every visitor would convert into a customer in the first instance. Some visitors would take a substantial time and make different considerations before making a purchase. But businesses need to step into this process of decision making through Remarketing Ads, which would be displayed on their devices. Remarketing Ads work with the Retargeting principle. This kind of Ads has been making remarketing easier than ever by helping businesses as well the audience or customers.

Key Takeaways From Our NEO SEO Services

Return on Investment

The ROI would be very high with the PPC Ad Campaigns. As you would be charged only a visitor clicks your website link.

Effective Marketing

Marketing would not only be easy but also effective through PPC Ads

Customer loyalty

Through Remarketing Ads, you would get a chance to reach your target audience again and again. This not only drives sales for your brand but also improves the customer loyalty.


Using PPC model, you could create your Ads for multiple types of audiences and to different kinds of devices. Thus, PPC ads could be designed to target the right audience.

Brand Awareness

By running PPC search Ads and Display Ads, your brand could get a good amount of brand awareness in a short time

Promised sales

Based on the Ad budget and Ad campaign, your business would experience a good number of sales

Study the


Define the Target audience




Determine the kind of Ads


Run A/B campaigns


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