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Successful Content Marketing Strategies

Content that resonates with your target audience is the first step to be relatable, and further, memorable.78% of customers prefer getting acquainted with a company’s brand language and values before purchasing from them. Your content hence, is a direct reflection of your business’s values. Interaction online takes place through a plethora of media- display ads, gifs, videos, hashtags, blogs. Etc. At each stage of creating content, you are passing a message on to the millions of people online. That is where Content Marketing comes in. Marketing your content helps direct it to people with similar likes that collude with your service/product thus converting them to leads. If you did not practice strategic content marketing, your message would not reach the right audience and give you no returns.

Content Marketing provides up to 6 times higher conversation rates than other digital marketing methods. Now that we have established that Content Marketing is a stepping stone to influencing “your crowd”, lets focus on decoding what makes an effective Content Marketing Strategy.

Brainstorm on optimizing your content

Start with a goal in mind. Before you start ideating on next month’s content calendar, conduct keyword research that would directly place you where you target audience is looking for a product/service similar to you. Observe google’s recommendations and write streamlined, neat copies that hit the spot! Instead of only focusing on keywords, create content that helps the user’s intention of searching online.

Decide on content categorization by staying focused on the target segments

Depending on your buyers’ profile research, you will already have a fair idea of your target groups, their ages, and which digital platforms they are most active on. Depending on that, curate your content in a way that is posted on the right platforms, and is curated for all the subgroups of people you have been targeting. Ex, if your target group is little kids then even your graphic posts need to be bright and popping, yet simple in language. Similarly, if you’re marketing for older people, give them something familiar that makes things easy for them.

The message matters more than the marketing

Regardless of how you market it, bad content will fail to interest or impress potential buyers. About 61% adults surveyed said they purchased a product after coming across it in a blog. Ensure that your content is precise and useful, helps solves a problem or at least direct people towards a solution.

Use the right tools 

Once a strategy forms, research on all the tools of digital marketing that can come in handy to optimise your content marketing plan. You can use content management software to streamline the work for you. You can also use other marketing techniques like Pay Per Click, SEO, email marketing, and so on to push your content in the right direction.

Make a calendar for consistency and audit your content regularly

All digital marketing efforts take time, hence it is important to be consistent to attract (and retain) online audience. To achieve this consistency effortlessly, create a content calendar which has all the set ideas, channels, type of content mentioned specifically to help your team stay aligned to your planned content marketing strategy.

Smart content marketing reaches the people who are most valuable to your business and educates your audience to make smarter purchasing decisions. Content can be shared to enhance your social media strategy and should be integrated with the rest of your digital marketing efforts and not be segmented, for optimum benefits.

At HighSpeak, our ecosystem of marketers and content creators help draw effective content that adds value to every business we work with. Get in touch with us for content marketing, branding and digital marketing, or visit our website to know more!

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